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We are reaching out to share an update from Sneak-A-Peek Imaging 3D/4D Ultrasounds regarding COVID19.

Sneak-A-Peek Imaging is fully operational with our ultrasounds, SneakPeek Clinical laboratory, and shipping department. Masks are STRONGLY encouraged!

You are welcome to bring TWO (2) additional people in with you during your ultrasound/SneakPeek Blood Test!

YES, we are open on Saturdays, so please feel free to reach out at any time.

As always, we appreciate your business and will see you soon!

Hours of operation (appointment only): Mon. 9a-4p, Tues. 9a-4p, Wed. 9a-4p, Thurs.9a-4p, Fri. 9a-4p, Sat. 10a-1:30p, Sun. CLOSED 

SneakPeek Early Gender DNA Blood Test: Mon.-Thur. 10a-1p (appointment only)


                                                                                                           WEDNESDAY SALE:                                                                                                             $95.00+tax (reg. $135.00+tax)
                                                                                    15-20 min. 3D/4D ultrasound session                                                                                       (must be at least 25 weeks)

Gender Checks: $65.00+tax
Must be at least 16 weeks pregnant

Heartbeat Package: $50.00+tax
Must be at least 8 weeks pregnant

Space is limited! Call today and book your appointment!

Call Now: 281-409-4699

Would you like to discover your baby’s gender as early as 7 weeks into pregnancy, with 99.9% accuracy? You can now find out in 2 Days with SneakPeek Clinical Early Gender DNA Test!

Starting at 7 weeks into your pregnancy!!!

  • 99.9% accurate DNA-based blood test
  • Administered by phlebotomy professional
  • Results emailed straight to you in 2 days
  • Starting at $129 (upgrade for $20 and get your results the next day!)

Now you can find out the gender of your baby starting at 7 weeks, every Monday-Thursday 10am-1:00pm (appointment only) in our office!

Appointment and deposit required!

Check out our latest BLOG post for a few of our FAQ!

From Our Google Reviews

Sabra W.27 Weeks

Loved our experiences with this amazing company. We did both the gender ultrasound at 17 weeks and a 3D one later at 27. She is such a sweet lady, and she made both instances great for the whole family! This was my last baby, so I am so glad that we were able to use such a fantastic company to capture these precious moments.

We had such a wonderful experience today! She is such a sweet person and does her best to give you what you need! So glad we were recommended to her!

LaRaine S22 Weeks
Angelique S.24 Weeks

Awesome experience, super sweet lady. My little guy was being stubborn but she made sure we left happy with good pictures. ♡♡♡

Google Rating
Jessica Robinson
Jessica Robinson
19:14 07 Jan 17
I called last minute to try and see if I could get a gender reveal appointment. I was offered the last appointment of the very same day I called. The atmosphere was amazing and the owner was beyond amazing and sweet. I loved everything about the experience. I will definitely be going back for a 3D ultrasound and will be recommending this place to all of my friends!!!
Lindsey Quintero
Lindsey Quintero
22:57 25 Jan 17
She made us feel so comfortable and we had such a great experience! I would definitely recommend!
Samanda Partida
Samanda Partida
18:41 08 Sep 16
I love sneak a peek imagining great prices and the ultrasound tech is so nice she takes her time to make sure you are happy with your pictures she gives you enough time to enjoy the 3D ultrasound and the gender checks I would recommend all my pregnant friends to her I loved it here btw she got me some awesome 3D pictures of my baby
Mischelle Walls
Mischelle Walls
23:27 07 Sep 16
Very nice lady, my daughter has been here and now my daughter-in-law.
Amber Anderson
Amber Anderson
02:25 01 Dec 16
Best experience ever, recommending to everyone I know!
Leeann Long
Leeann Long
22:22 04 Feb 20
The DVD needs music. The black and white shots were not easy to see and there is no indication of what those shots are of. There is some lag time where the video is just blank, up to what seems like a full minute. For 100$ I feel like it should have had those things. I had a 3d ultrasound done 12 years (!) ago that had music and the tech typed in things like Hi Grandma, or This is my foot, etc. This had none of those bells and whistles. HOWEVER, the shots we got of our babes' face were very good and I was so pleased to see her so clearly. I give 4 stars for that and the fact that the lady that owns this place and performs the scan is very personable and I think that is where she gets good ratings from.
Ash Esquivel
Ash Esquivel
20:44 04 Dec 19
I went there today to find out the gender of my baby after reading the reviews... Ashley is such a kindhearted sweet lady you can tell she really loves her job and really cares about people. She makes you feel so comfortable and at home!!! The images she got of my son were beautiful considering im only 19 weeks they came out so good!! Id definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a 3d ultrasound thats not too pricey!!
Meagan Hernandez
Meagan Hernandez
19:48 12 May 19
Best service I have received and will continue to come back. This is the second pregnancy I have used her with and she always has the best customer service. This last appointment was the THIRD reschedule because baby was hiding on the first 2 and she allowed me to come back additional times with no charge until we saw the baby pop up. Super friendly and makes all the appointments a positive experience whether I am alone or the hubby tags along. My first time going through her was after trying to call the other 3D place in town for a simple heartbeat check while I was waiting on my paperwork to be processed to a new OB and they would not allow me to make an appointment without the doctor signing off on it. Which was impossible until all the transfer paperwork went through and unnecessary as it was just for pictures and not a diagnostic scan. She does not require this and was able to give me peace of mind until the transfer had been completed. I have used her with a twin pregnancy and a singleton with stunning results each time. Well worth the money and nothing can compare to the reassurance of making sure your little one(s) are doing great and moving around. Cannot recommend her highly enough, thank you for what you do!!!!!!
yasmeen reyes
yasmeen reyes
17:07 27 Aug 19
Had a great experience with Ashley! My son was NOT cooperative at all and she gave me some tips and pointers to help me get a better round 2! She was great, even if our little butterball was being uncooperative. Would recommend her and come back again!
Kennyah P.
Kennyah P.
15:55 12 Oct 19
Ashely was AMAZING!!!! I know i have given her alot of trouble lol & every single time she has been the nicest and sweetest person ever answering all my questions & giving me advices. Totally recommend her. She’s absolutely THE BEST!!????
See All Reviews

3D ultrasounds show three-dimensional still images of the growing fetus. 4D ultrasounds on the other hand add time as a fourth dimension thus showing 3D images in motion. Parents usually feel a lot of excitement, as they go for the first ultrasound! However, the 2D ultrasounds don’t have much detail. The reason for this is that the scan sees right through the growing fetus resulting in a blurry gray outline.

A better option is a 3D 4D ultrasound at Sneak-A-Peek Imaging right here in Houston Texas! These provides a more detailed look inside of Mom’s growing tummy! Rather than seeing right through the growing fetus, these scans will show the baby’s skin and other details like the mouth, ears and nose. 3D 4D ultrasounds are just as safe as 2D scans, only difference is that they provide more detail. Many pregnant women find them safe and no research has found this contrary. It’s however advisable to have the scans performed by a qualified professional.

One thing to keep in mind when undergoing a 3D 4D ultrasound is that they aren’t meant for medical diagnosis here at Sneak-A-Peek Imaging. Their main purpose is to see the facial features and be a great keepsake for the parents of their unborn baby. 3D 4D ultrasounds are usually arranged for privately by Mom or Dad and  3D 4D ultrasounds in Houston TX are usually performed before or after payment of a fee. Sneak-A-Peek Imaging 3D4D Ultrasounds will also provide a DVD recording of your ultrasound.

untitledThe recommended time to have 3D 4D ultrasound at Sneak-A-Peek Imaging is when you’re at least 27 to 30 weeks into your pregnancy. The reason for this is that very little fat has developed under the skin before 25 weeks. The baby’s head may be hidden by the pelvis as baby changes position after 30 weeks. The best images are seen between 27-30 weeks of pregnancy. Most pregnant women are excited at the thought of seeing their baby’s face before giving birth. This however depends on how the fetus is positioned.

The best position to see baby’s face is if she’s facing up towards your tummy (profile position) and is surrounded by a lot of amniotic fluid. Observing her face is impossible if she’s facing your back, there’s a little amniotic fluid surrounding her or, if baby is positioned with her head deep into your pelvis.

It is very important to drink plenty of water during your pregnancy to achieve the best images. This allows the fetus to change position for better 3D 4D ultrasound and images of the face and other features like the toes and fingers. Before paying for a 3D or 4D ultrasound, check out Sneak-A-Peek Imaging 3D4D Ultrasounds policy regarding a rescan. We will provide a free rescan if your baby is not cooperating.

Ashley W.


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