Oftentimes, expectant mothers are concerned with the amount of time they will get during their 2D/3D/4D ultrasound session.

First time mothers typically do not know what to expect during an ultrasound session. If they feel rushed or put-off at any appointment pertaining to their pregnancy, unfortunately that feeling tends to stay with them.

Mothers that have already been down the maternity road, usually return to their previous doctor (OBGYN), if they were pleased in the past. However, if they weren’t pleased for whatever reason, or had to change doctors for reasons out of their control (change of insurance, moved to a different city, retired practitioner) they still will hold on to how they felt during those previous appointments.

Unfortunately a lot of women do feel rushed, unheard, and completely disconnected during ultrasound appointments. This of course does not happen in all cases, but it’s definitely happening!

The number one compliment we get here at Sneak-A-Peek Imaging 3D4D ultrasounds in Houston TX, is that we don’t make women (families) feel rushed. We understand how precious this time is with your baby and family, so taking our time is a key component! Sometimes we get a baby that is just not in the mood to be seen…no biggie at all! The easiest fix is to just reschedule and take advantage of your complimentary session.

During your 2D/3D/4D ultrasound session we are team, and we must work together to get the best images possible! So do not feel discouraged if you’ve had a “not so great” ultrasound in the past. Our main goal is to make you and your loved ones feel comfortable and get amazing images, all while having a fun time!