What exactly is a heartbeat ultrasound?

A heartbeat ultrasound is a quick 5-8 minute, 2D ultrasound that listens for the baby’s heartbeat! It is a non-diagnostic ultrasound to give Mom peace of mind and another way to confirm pregnancy.

As soon as you hit the 8 week mark we can schedule your 2D heartbeat scan. Even early in your pregnancy it is essential that you are very hydrated, and dealing with as less stress as possible.

The purpose of the ultrasound is to see your little baby making a few quick spontaneous movements and listen to its powerful heartbeat. The typical heart rate at 8 weeks is usually around 150 to 170 times per minute. This is almost twice as fast as your heart rate. There is a lot of growth happening during the 8th week! Your baby is about .04 oz and the size of a raspberry.

Here at Sneak-A-Peek Imaging 3D/4D ultrasounds in Houston Texas, we start our 2D heartbeat checks at 8 weeks for $50+tax. When you come in for our SneakPeek early gender determination test, you can opt-i for a heartbeat scan for a discounted rate of $35+tax.

Once you know that you are pregnant it is also very important to seek prenatal care. With the help of your medical practitioner, you will establish your due date, understand the importance of a healthy well balanced diet, and preparation for your little bundle of joy.

Why wait to see you little one for the first time? Call us and schedule your 2D heartbeat ultrasound and your SneakPeek early gender determination test today!

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